#BLENDED: A Joint Effort to Unite the Hip-Hop & Indie Band Scene

A JOINT event brought to you by Freaky Kiwi Club and Butta-Flava Entertainment!

As a very active member of the Indie local music scene, Jug of BFE decides, for the 1st time, to do a joint event with one of the most active event organizers in the Indie Band circuit, “Freaky Kiwi Club”. This is also in commemoration of both groups’ Anniversary month: September. Come join for a mixed-genre event!

#BLENDED will take place at The Crowd Bar and Resto in 2nd Floor, Madison Square, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City this coming September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) at 8:00PM.

Busting the mic for the Hip-Hop genre would be Hip-Hop Artists such as: Jazze Manuel, Bebe Riz, Lola’s Noisy Neighbors, Lady Zasta, Krazykyle, Cha-Cha (from Tacloban), Magnettude, Jumil Makaluma, Bad Boys Prod. and the Pinoy Hiphoppaz.

Rocking the crowd would be the Indie Bands: Embers to Diamond, Time Firth, Saphiro, Sunday Radio, YSHA, Red’s Got Scheds, Amorphous and Starcastle.

Empowering the events includes media partners such as: Bandstand Philippines, Bandstand.ph, Agimat: Sining at Kulturang Pinoy, Rapista (Rapista.PH; Rapista.Blogspot.com), Playhouse Production, Urbanpinasdotcom, Amplify.ph

This is also to mark BFe’s 13th Anniversary Celebration this month. Other events by BFe are:
#LEGACY: 13th Year Grind of BFe


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