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Listening Analogy: “Gabi Gabi” by Duende (Gap X Nimbus 9)

Listening Analogy” is an album review segment here at Rapista by its Content Writer/Editor in which we carefully listen to the song’s lyricism and sound. The Listening Analogy reviewer breaks down each song thoroughly focusing in its content: lyrics, words, sounds, theme and then summarize it to conclude the entire album by making an impartial observation defined metaphorically. Away from commercialism, welcome to the world of lyricism.

Album: “Gabi Gabi”
Artist: Duende (Gap + Nimbus 9)
Produced by: Soulfiesta
Art by: Michael Rahman De Clarin
Rated: 3.6/4 at Listening Analogy

Listening Analogy Reviewer: madshock
Reviewed for: Rapista & East West Hip-Hop
Website: rapista.ph & eastwesthiphop.com

The album is somewhat I described as a “Positive-themed album with an Old-school Hip-Hop vibe.
Notable Tracks:

“Ugly” which was produced by Skarm feels like a journey to the ugly side of society. It has that feeling wherein you walk in the streets and you can see what’s happening around you even with closed eyes.

“Odd Gods” – is like poetry thru odd sounds, this is how I will describe it metaphorically. Go figure.

“Focus” – feels like flat. It’s not a compliment but I’m not saying it in a bad way.

“Short N Sweet Part 2” – that last part was cute, nice message though

“Soulful Music” – soulful music yes, I feel like it should have a different title though. This is a producer’s song if you know what I mean.

“Isang Gabi”  – this is a song-story, I’m intrigue if this song is based on an actual event. It’s like that one rainy evening story and you know what happened. What a lucky guy.

“On and Off” – drugs. Lazy bum state of melancholy. On and off.

“The Come Up” – produced by Chrizo; Feelin’ the vibe, feelin’ the jibe with this Duende’s collaboration with Alex of LDP

“The Land of Dreams” – a standout in this album. Definitely worth listening.

“Working It” – produced by Flava Matikz, this song is a joy to my ears. Better play it loud.

“Daily Grind” – daily struggle in life. You know everyone’s strugglin’

“Still Tippin'” – a smooth flowing laid-back beat combined with beautiful lyricism. Close your eyes, feel the beat, embrace the lyrics. Another awesome collaboration in the album which features Aero (with a dot!). Another standout in the album.

“Fusion of Worlds” – produced by Carlos Miret, the most colorful track in this album. It’s like Hip Hop plus World Music plus tribal with a bit of Spanish flavor. I’m hearing so many cultures mixed into one beautiful song. Remember this producer’s name: Carlos Miret. You see, here’s what I would do: I would put this song on top of this album as an icing because it’s the “crème de la crème”. Intelligent and brilliant music! Just wow! Thumbs Up, Hands Down Yo!

“Gabi Gabi” is slow-paced album from first part up to the middle and picking up its pace in the third accelerating towards the last part. It contains different flavors of music fused with awesome lyricism. “The Come Up” and “Working It” are joy to the ears while “Focus” feels kind of a flat (Sorry. No, that’s not a compliment); “Still Tippin'” and “The Land of Dreams” are standout songs in this album but “Fusion of Worlds” for me was best song, the Crème de la crème and the icing of the cake, this song is just intelligently brilliant!


Download “Gabi Gabi” for Free at: http://www.mediafire.com/download/863bx6rzpuj0a73/Duende+-+Gabi+Gabi.rar


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Email: [email protected]


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