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The description reads: “out takes from United Freestyles 3. coming January 2014.recorded in 2008.”

Back in November 2013, we feature the song “Taken In” by DJ Arbie Won feat. ILL-J, D-Coy & 2Tay from the album “United Freestyles  Volume 2” as our Track Drop. It was probably the best song in that album and it was so good that it bags the “Hip Hop Song of the Year” and the “Producer of the Year” in the 2005 Philippine Hip-Hop Awards. Well, that’s history son. Just imagine if we have the Grammys or BET Awards and that the song captures both the Hip Hop Song  of the Year and Producer of the Year, won’t that be awesome? That would be a HUGE statement and one of the biggest credentials for you as an Artist. I really don’t want to sugar-coat but I’m out of words to explain how much I admire that song especially those behind it. I’m a fan of Hip Hop and will always be.

Now, after 8 years; imagine that those behind it will bring you another album. From the description on the SoundCloud account, it says “United Freestyle Volume 3, coming January 2014,” I got excited to get a copy of it. I just hope they will release it in the market because I want a physical CD! I’m a fan, a collector and that would be a treasure! I would love touch it, feel it, listen to it. I still don’t have the exact info on where to get it but I’ll keep watching.

This is how they do it before. Emcees rocking the mic while DJs spinnin’ the track and the crowd goes wild. That’s Hip-Hop! More music, no drama.

(Magnificent 7 Live at the Rekognize Album Launch. Source:

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