ovenfresh - inuman tagay by project pinas

Project Pinas, a group composed of Eagleman, Aya and Bouncey (of APOKALIPSIS) recently released the Official MTV of their latest single “Inuman Tagay”. Produced by Jonathan Ong and Directed by Dolero, “Inuman Tagay” was recorded at Sonic State Studio. You can check about Project Pinas at: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectPinas

ovenfresh - inuman tagay by project pinas 2

“Project Pinas is Filipino Hip-Hop group that represents the traits and life style in the 3rd World. Patriotism, spirituality, self-empowerment, you name it and they already rocked about it.
Project Pinas is a new age urban pop trio composed of Bouncey, Eagleman & Aya. The group was formed in May of 2010 when Aya jammed along with then Duo Bouncey & Eagleman in a Club at Quezon City. Bouncey who is not at all a newbie in the music industry started out with then Hip-Hop act APOKALIPSIS who was signed with Universal Records in 2001. Being highly respected in the urban club scene he embraced being a club MC/Hypeman as a profession since 2002. Eagleman was introduced by his former partner, eventually making him the official APOKALIPSIS hypeman at concerts and events. Eagleman was active in the scene with prior groups like “Thug Disipulo” & “Messiah”. In 2004 he was awarded best freestyle battle emcee of the year. At an early age Aya was actively joining amateur contest within Metro Manila and provincial events. She also made it to the weekly finals of “Himig ng mga Kampeon” at 8 and the monthly finals for “Star of the Night” at age 12. Their first collaboration was for Miss World’s Anthem thus the group “Project Pinas” was born. Since then they have been actively providing upbeat grooves and socially moving lyrics which captivates the masses. They have performed and collaborated with local Hip-Hop acts such as Abra, Loonie, Ron Henley, Mike Swift and more artists. In March of 2013 they bagged “Best Album” award at the annual Urban Music Awards hosted by Wave 89.1 along with their “Home Grown Music” Family. So watch out everyone because this group is driven, motivated and will make their way up the Philippine Music Scene!” — from Project Pinas Facebook Page


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