Legit Misfitz – the Sons of Flip Hop, the legendary group that brought us the song “Jabongga”, “Air Tsinelas” and “Trapik” as their signature tracks. The songs of Legit Misfitz became really popular during early-2000 most notably hitting the airwaves around 1994 onwards along with notable groups such as Masta Plann and Death Threat.

ovenfresh - jabongga 5

“Jabongga” was the group’s biggest hit and to celebrate their 20 years in the industry, Yes! that was two (2) decades; they just released the song’s MTV which also features the dance group “Philippine All-Stars”. So, most of you or your Parents will have a Flashback when they hear this song. Well, that was probably the time when you are still shitting on your pants, bullying your classmates during grade school or sucking lollipops. This song was classic and vintage at its own right!

ovenfresh - jabongga

Legit Misfitz members includes: MC Dash (a.k.a. Mighty Joe Young; The Mad Asian Mack), Jhego Catabay and Producer Boom Dayupay (of Vibestation/Kulay).

You can catch Legit Misfitz and other legends of Pinoy Hip-Hop at their 20th Anniversary Concert (Documentary Concert) this coming October 20, 2014 (8PM) at the Music Museum. So, be part of the history and celebrate with the Sons of Flip Hop.

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Tickets are priced:

  • VIP – PHP 1200
  • Orchestra A – PHP 999
  • Orchestra B – PHP 799
  • Balcony – PHP 599.


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