Ka-ibigan” by Racob (of Familia Respetado) & Slim-O (of Mobbdawgs) is a new release by Baluarte ng Cavite Production (BNC). Directed By: Leo “Big-L” Abad and beat by Slimphonic Beat, MTV cast includes: William Bocar as The Actor, Jhessa Laroga as The Actress, Jerome Aricayos, Lira Sustal, Taying, Jennilyn Bocar, Nomilyn Redima with Special Appearances of Amayakropono, Joshua “Collide” Jasareno & Jenu “Jhenu” Gojar.

Ka-ibigan - Racob & Slim-O 3

Special Thanks To:
Villa Kristina Beach Resort at Sitio Postema Tanza, Cavite (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Villa-Kristina-Beach-Resort/400380313384974), Erlinda Bagtas Compound & Arigo Farm.

Ka-ibigan - Racob & Slim-O 2


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