nandito lang

Fresh release from D-Coy, “Nandito Lang” is a song dedicated by D-Coy to Hip-Hop and inspired by his Fans and Supporters who continuously supported him in his entire career. In this song, he collaborated with Vince of South Border to add vocal element that the song needed. “Nandito Lang” is another classic song in the making for all Hip-Hop fans out there. Enjoy!

facebook campaign

#NanditoLang #SwagYourWikaShirtOn Facebook Campaign
Upon the upload of the song, D-Coy also launches a Facebook Campaign called “#NanditoLang #SwagYourWikaShirtOn“. The mechanics is simple, you just have to copy and paste the video link to your status on Facebook and include the hashtags #NanditoLang #SwagYourWikaShirtOn and that’s it. You may include your own message but the two hashtags must be included for them to trace your entry in real-time feeds. The campaign starts today and will end on Friday (March 7, 2014) at around 8PM. The most number of shares wins a Wika Shirt.

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