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As promised, “Usok” Official MTV was released this May 15, 2014. “Usok” is the brand new song of D-Coy merging Guitar flicks and the Boom Bass sound.

ovenfresh usok - dcoy 3

Usok” tells you a story about Father and Son (role-played by Bassilyo and CrazyMix) from childhood, smoking habit, struggles in life and reaching dreams. The video is an emotional tale of Tatay Bassilyo who constantly smokes, and Anak CrazyMix from playful childhood with his Tatay until he finished his studies and reached his dreams.
At the end of the video, Anak CrazyMix showed a Certificate after graduating from School and embracing his Tatay Bassilyo but his Father eventually died due to sickness caused by his smoking habit, “Tttaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

ovenfresh usok - dcoy

Directed by Jaydee and the video was produced by Blck Mrkt, “Usok” was sampled from the original “Usok” song by ASIN. Check out “Usok” Official MTV at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-A8sTCqWJg


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