rapista blog 2014The Official Blog of Rapista at www.rapista.blogspot.com has been redesigned after years of not having a new look. The new design has a more lighter, calmer and whiter feel to give it a refreshing interface. The lighter design also incorporates our focus on the positive side of Hip-Hop, the Elements and its Culture and disregard the negativities.

All the sections, banners and external links has been placed at the bottom portion. The chatbox has been removed to make an emphasis on the comment area for each post for more interaction. However, the Rapista Playlist and Album Downloads has been retained. We’ve included the Track Drop (the dopest tracks) and Spot On (he illest emcees) section in the navigation from the Rapista Website.

rapista blog footer

The design will be continuously improved and the other important posts from the Rapista Website (www.rapista.ph) will be imported. Check out the new design at: www.rapista.blogspot.com


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