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Sampling 101: Andrew Ford Medina x Funky Cold Medina

During the 90s, one of the most notable trends in Hip Hop music was Sampling (Samples). You can hear it especially DJs looping samples in their turntable. Sampling was taking a small portion of music and looping it and/or incorporating it into the music. When we say Sample, it’s just a short or small portion and not the whole beat. Sampling whole beat is NOT sampling, you don’t do that. Sampling was widely used and still being used until today.

Troubles and Copyright Issues

There are also some issues regarding the use of Samples especially copyright infringement issues and it might get you in trouble, legally. You must remember that in copyright, any portion of the song or record is included and using it without permission or knowledge of the copyright holder is unlawful. To save yourself from Legal trouble, it’s better for you to ask permission from the owner/publisher and/or pay the corresponding Royalty Fee.

Sampling in the Philippines

The Philippines being as the oldest Hip Hop in Asia also embraced it. One of the most recognizable and popular sample during the 90s in the Philippine Hip Hop scene was in the song “Andrew Ford Medina” by Andrew E, it uses a sample from Tone Loc song “Funky Cold Medina.” Check out the video of the original song and also the other video which uses sample.

Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc

Andrew Ford Medina by Andrew E

There are many other samples which were used before and we will discuss it here in Rapista under Sampling 101.

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