If you have an MTV, Song, Mixtape, Clothing, Profile or something that you wanted to share to us, just let us know. Read the mechanics.

Submission Mechanics:
Songs (for Track Drop or Spot On!)

Send us the details about your song such as: Official MTV, Lyrics, YouTube Link, Vimeo Link, SoundCloud and others), Artist, Producer, Production/Label, Album or Mixtape. It would be better if you have brief information about yourself or the artist and song, link to your website, blog, social media networks. We will watch and listen to your song carefully but we do not guarantee that your song will be seen in this site if it did not pass to our criteria.
We are looking for quality songs, musically and lyrically. Don’t send us loads of songs, choose your best. You may send the link of your song(s) to our email or message us in our Facebook Page and we will review it. If we like it we will post it here and will inform you as well. Please understand that it will take time before we post it since we are receiving entries from multiple sources. We don’t care if your song is new song, old song or your song is 5 years old, as long as we like it, we will post it.
Featured songs will be included in either “Spot On!” or “Track Drop”. If you are wondering the difference between the two, here it is:

  • Spot On! ( – We feature tracks here but mainly focusing on the Artist of the song who have just released the song and are the freshest of the fresh (usually the same day or up to 2 months for Filipino whether be it Philippine-based or based in other countries) and up to 4-6 months for International Acts regardless of Country (North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc.). We put it here because the Artists of the song should be “Spot On!” Aside from seeing your song in this site, you can also see the screenshot in our Facebook Page (Pinterest, Flickr, Google+) under the Album “Spot On!”, you can print the screenshot and put it in a frame so that you can hang it in your wall. We encourage you to do it and it’s our way of giving you a token of appreciation.


  • Track Drop ( – We feature tracks here which are old, sometimes even 10 years and more from its first released. You may call it as Vintage but quality songs are forever treasured and those songs are those that we like our son to listen to and the sons of sons passing from Today’s Generation to the Next Generation. Song(s), that is so good that we’d like to hear it over and over again. We are bringing them back and giving them a new life, immortalizing the quality and lyrical prowess of the Artists and the song itself. It’s like an aged wine that we’d like to taste again. Classic, Vintage, Treasured. Immortalize. Forever.

Rapista Mixtape (Series) and the Rapista Playlist
Send us your track entries and we will review it, we will listen to it, and we will make a decision from there. By sending your track(s), you hereby agree and give us your permission to include it in our Rapista Mixtape (for free download) and Rapista Playlist (to be played in this website and our Blogsite). We also may and/or may not use your entry to our video thru our YouTube Account.

  • Rapista Mixtape (Series) – it was first released in 2010, the Rapista Mixtape Volume One with the title “Ang Paglabas ng Lakan” bearing the quote “Kapag tahimik ang ilog malakas ang agos sa ilalim.” The Rapista Mixtape Volume Two with title “Balik-Tanaw” was released on the Eve of Christmas of 2013. “Balik-Tanaw” covers year 2011 and older but due to long period of time prior to its release and it’s not easy to catch up with the backlog, we include the Year 2012 and making the Rapista Mixtape Volume Two as a Double-Year 2011/2012 Back-to-Back Mixtape.
  • The Rapista Playlist – it was the Playlist Collection of Rapista which was created around 2006 and first embedded to the Rapista Blog ( around 2007. It was a collection of Pinoy Rap songs both from oldschool and newschool, CD Albums and downloaded from the internet. The Rapista Playlist was in (which was later bought by During its peak, the Rapista Playlist contains more or less 1,000 songs and monthly active listeners of 120,000+ thru


The copyright of the entry that you have sent us remains your property. We are not liable for any abuse or copyright infringement of your entry. You are the sole owner of your track and any copyright remains the property of the copyright owner.

If you feel that your copyright has been violated in any possible way thru our website, Blogsite or other related social media accounts; kindly inform us so that we can make the necessary adjustment and/or pull it out if needed.

We are also monitoring our Social Media Networks and we are gathering news and updates from there.

For Submission/Contact:

Other information will be provided here. We’ll keep you posted.


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