Allen & Heath - dLive DMS 2

Allen & Heath, the World-class professional audio mixing consoles designer and manufacturer of mixing decks based in Penryn, Cornwall, United Kingdom which was acquired by Electra Partners in 2013 has released “dLive Digital Mixing System” series. dLive is an innovative digital mixing system targeting the processing and flexibility in the most demanding live performance scenario between performers and audiences.

Price range: $22,500 – $35,000 (for small to large venue); roughly around 990K – 1.54M PHP

Available date: September 2015 in most countries

Key Features: XCVI Core, DEEP Processing, dLive Ecosystem, Harmony UI, Transparent Workflow, Built to Endure

Allen & Heath - dLive DMS 3 Allen & Heath - dLive DMS (Deep Processing) Allen & Heath - dLive DMS (Ecosystem) Allen & Heath - dLive DMS (Harmony UI) Allen & Heath - dLive DMS (Swappable PSU) Allen & Heath - dLive DMS (XCVI Core) Allen & Heath - dLive DMS


  • Distributed system with separate MixRack and Surface – mix and match any combination
  • DX32 modular expansion racks for flexible I/O
  • DEEP processing – powerful embedded plugins including GEQ and compressor modelling
  • Pro-touring grade construction
  • Redundant hot swappable power supply common across the range
  • Redundant connections throughout
  • Up to 814 system inputs and 824 outputs
  • Up to 5 audio networking option cards including Dante, Waves SG, ACE, MADI
  • Compatible with ME personal mixing system

dLive MixRacks

  • Choice of 3 sizes (32, 48 or 64 mic inputs)
  • XCVI 160×64 FPGA core: 96kHz sample rate, variable bit-depth for ultimate precision and noise performance, virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to 96bit accumulator, Class leading (ultra-low latency < 0.6ms)
  • 128 Input Channels with full processing
  • 64 Mix Outputs with full processing
  • Configurable 64 bus architecture (group, FX, aux, matrix, mains)
  • LR, LCR and up to 5.1 mains mode
  • 16 RackFX with dedicated stereo returns
  • Multiple PFLs
  • 24 DCAs
  • Built-in signal generator, RTA and spectrogram
  • New preamp design for extra transparency
  • Unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance with any source
  • Connection hub: Dual redundant GigaACE gigabit link to Surface, 2x redundant DX links for I/O expansion, 3x I/O Ports – 128 ch 96 kHz each, Dedicated ME-1 48kHz port, 2x Network ports, Wordclock BNC I/O
  • Dual redundant, hot swappable power supply
  • Flush front panel with ultra quiet fan
  • Reversible rack ears design

dLive Surfaces

  • Choice of 3 sizes (20, 28 or 36 faders)
  • Fully assignable layout – up to 216 fader strips
  • Harmony UI integrates screen and wrap-around controls: Single or twin 12” capacitive touchscreen, Gesture (control – pinch, swipe, drag ‘n drop), Dedicated multi-mode EQ view, Configurable widget areas for Scenes, meters, FX and more, 3 pages of 6 assignable rotaries per screen
  • 26 assignable SoftKeys
  • Engineer’s Wedge and IEM fader strips
  • Comprehensive multipoint metering
  • Daylight visibility
  • USB stereo recording and playback
  • 8 XLR mic/line in, 8 XLR line out
  • 2 digital st AES3 in, 3 digital st AES3 out
  • Connection hub: Dual redundant GigaACE gigabit link to MixRack, 1x redundant DX link for I/O expansion, 2x I/O Ports – 128 ch 96 kHz each, 2x Network ports, Wordclock BNC I/O, Video output, Dual redundant, hot swappable power supply


  • Networked wired or wireless control
  • Editor software for online or offline PC/Mac editing
  • dLive MixPad and OneMix apps
  • IP range of PoE remote controllers
  • TCP/IP protocol for third party integration
  • Extensive User Permissions and Profiles
  • Comprehensive Scene management with Cue List, multiple Scene Update, Crossfades, Recall
    Filters, Embedded Recalls, Auto Store, Recall Undo


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